9 ways to stand out when looking for a nanny job

With 1.2 million people working in child care, it can be difficult to stand out, if you’re looking to land a job as a nanny. Knowing how to effectively showcase your services as a child care provider can help open up opportunities. And with steady job growth — 7% projected from 2016 to 2026 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics — there are positions to be had. Whether you’re looking for your first job or are a seasoned professional in the field, here are 9 tips to successfully stand out from the pack.

How To Find the Best Online Tutoring, Homework Help, and Test Prep

The stats are in: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, higher levels of education lead to higher employment rates and increased earnings. But when it comes to making the grade, not all students have it easy. Many struggle within a certain topic or find it challenging to learn in a traditional classroom style setting. For parents seeking academic help outside the classroom, hiring a private tutor becomes a viable option.

5 Kid-Friendly Fine Dining Experience in South Florida

Deciding where to eat with the kiddos comes with a mental checklist: is there a playground? What about a kids’ menu? Will I be side-eyed when they start pretending the table is a superhero’s secret lair? And most crucially, is it sufficiently loud enough to mask my kid’s tantrum when they find out the fries are crinkle-cut instead of regular? But here’s what’s usually not on the consideration list: insanely delicious dishes that are interesting to the palates of both parents and kids alike. Sure, you can reserve a fine dining date for your next grown-ups’ night out—but those can be hard to come by. Besides, food can be a transcendent and transformative experience. Why not share that with your kids while giving them a chance to explore what it’s like to eat in a “fancy” restaurant?

Here's Why You Should Stop Buying Your Kid So Many Toys

Hi. My name is Jackie Gutierrez-Jones. And I am a serial toy depriver. My kid has exactly one toy box filled with . . . actually, I don't really know. Mostly because she never opens the thing. See, she'd rather pull out every single pot and pan in the house, put a few of them on her head, and then bang away on the others until noticing our bulldog silently snoozing in the corner of the room and deciding it'd be a pretty interesting study in cause-and-effect to body slam the dog with her entire

Day Care vs. Abuela: The Real Pros and Cons

Whether or not you scored maternity leave after having your baby (that's a subject for another article!), you're eventually going to come to a crucial fork in the road: child care. For some of us mamas, taking on the role of a stay-at-home mom is a financial possibility. And that's awesome! But for those of us heading back into the workplace, we've got some important decisions to make. It might involve a nanny. Or day care.

I Met With a Love Psychic and Here's How it Went Down

Straight up: I'm a spiritual girl. I believe the soul survives death and love transcends the physical. And just like with my OBGYN or PCP, I schedule an annual check-up with one of my favorite mediums up in New Jersey. I guess you can say that I like getting the lay of the spiritual land before grabbing the year by the horns and owning it. So the idea of tapping into the spiritual realm for matters of the heart isn't exactly weird to me. In fact, it makes total sense.