Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

Senior writer and editor for Aptive Resources and English bulldog aficionado. 

Freelance copywriting clients include Hard Rock Hotels, Eden Roc Hotel, Nobu Hotels, Unico 20º87º, Flaviar, Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, Story Terrace and Whole Foods Market. 

By-lines with: Observer, Lonely Planet, Time Out, Essentialist, Nashville Lifestyles, Eater Nashville, Eater Miami, Livability, Miami.com, Mommy Nearest, Neighborhoods.com, Care.com, UrbanDaddy, HCP Media, Citizine.tv, Liquor.com, Tennessee Visitor's Guide, Onboard Media and Vivala. jax@jaxwrites.com

Nashville Restaurants With Outdoor Seating That Have Reopened - Nashville

Nashville began a modified Phase Two of the Roadmap for Reopening plan on July 3rd. That means restaurants are back in business, offering dine-in service along with takeout. Before you rush the nearest host stand, here are a few things you should know: All restaurants must operate at 50% capacity, party sizes are limited to no more than six people, and a mask or face covering is required when you’re not seated at your table.

7 Miami Bars That Anchor Their Neighborhood

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Nearest Green Distillery

You’d almost be forgiven for driving past Shelbyville, a small, bucolic town located about 60 miles south of Nashville, where rolling pastoral lands give way to a place best known for Tennessee Walking Horses and pencil manufacturing. But now, the city is the gatekeeper for an important piece of Tennessee’s storied distilling history — the legacy of America’s first and only African American master distiller, Nathan “Nearest” Green.

Where to Eat on Thanksgiving Day in Nashville, 2019

For those visiting, for those without the desire to host all those relatives and for those who despise dishwashing, give thanks — for these fine Nashville dining establishments providing an alternative come Thanksgiving day. These restaurants are all open on Thanksgiving, November 28 ready to throw down Turkey Day style, with some stress-free traditional feasts plus other outside the turkey box holiday options. The most stressful part of your day can be making reservations — but get that out of the way early, as it’s the busiest day of the year for many of these restaurants.

Best Cuban sandwich shops in Miami

When Cuban immigrants came to Miami in the 1950s and 60s, they forever changed the city’s food landscape with a single sandwich – the Cubano. The formula is deceptively simple – take one part roast pork, one part ham (Tampa also throws Genoa salami into the mix), lovingly layer them with some mustard, pickles and Swiss cheese between two buttered slices of Cuban bread and throw the whole thing into a hot press. The result? A culinary legend.

Best places to enjoy Cuban coffee in Miami

Don’t let the occasional big-chain coffee shop fool you — Miami runs on Cuban coffee. This strong caffeinated concoction made from Cuban espresso and sugar not only helps locals power through a midday slump, but it bridges social barriers and provides lubricant for idle office chatter or heated political debates. The drink, also known as cafecito, is so deeply entrenched in the local culture, the mayor of the City of Miami proclaimed 3:05 p.m. Miami’s official cafecito break time. The first rul

The 7 best vegan restaurants in Miami

Being a carnivore in Miami’s Caribbean and Latin-influenced foodscape is a breeze. Need proof? Look no further than the roast pork, creole-sauced goat and citrus-marinated hunks of tuna dished up all around the city. But if your tastes run closer to tofu than T-bones, Miami’s budding vegan scene has plenty to keep your palate entertained. From a taco shack churning out all-vegan fare to a hidden oasis of artful animal-free dishes, these Miami vegan restaurants will encourage you to eat your veg

Harvest Beverage Company

When the alcohol industry comes up in discussion, most people mentally flash to an image of a stodgy male distiller or a mustachioed barkeep throwing together a mix of bitters and booze at a bar. “There’s a perception that the spirits industry is dominated by males,” says Carrie Drury, owner of Harvest Beverage Company. “But we’re learning that there are just as many—if not more—female consumers, and that’s starting to be represented in some incredibly talented purveyors, executives, winemakers

Liquor Lab

Ever wonder what it takes to be a bartender? Liquor Lab has answers—and they’re sharing them with Nashville’s cocktail enthusiasts. The brainchild of West Point grad and entrepreneur Owen Meyer, Liquor Lab puts the art of mixology in the hands of those who typically sit on the receiving end of the bar. Here, guests are taught how to shake, stir, and sip their favorite drinks while learning the history behind them from a category-specific professional. It’s a concept that’s gained traction with

Headquarters Beercade Channels its Inner Glinda With a Wizard of Oz Pop-Up

Turns out a triple heel tap won’t get you past your bedroom, much less transport you to Oz. But, starting August 9, Headquarters Beercade launches its “No Place Like Home” pop-up experience — and that just might be the next best thing. Nashville’s biggest arcade bar has dabbled with pop-up concepts before, reinventing itself as a holiday wonderland during their “Reindeer Games” event in December and the Mos Eisley cantina for a May 4th “Star Wars” tribute. This time around, the 6,500-square-fo
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