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Headquarters Beercade Channels its Inner Glinda With a Wizard of Oz Pop-Up

Turns out a triple heel tap won’t get you past your bedroom, much less transport you to Oz. But, starting August 9, Headquarters Beercade launches its “No Place Like Home” pop-up experience — and that just might be the next best thing. Nashville’s biggest arcade bar has dabbled with pop-up concepts before, reinventing itself as a holiday wonderland during their “Reindeer Games” event in December and the Mos Eisley cantina for a May 4th “Star Wars” tribute. This time around, the 6,500-square-fo

Angel's Envy Co-Founder Wes Henderson - Interview

When your family business involves making ridiculously delicious Bourbon for the masses, life is pretty damn good. That’s assuming you’d want to get into business with your family in the first place, eh? Well, that was a gamble Wes Henderson took when he asked his father, legendary distiller Lincoln Henderson, to co-found Angel’s Envy with him. Lincoln, who was doing whatever it is that Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famers do when they retire, decided to give it a go with his son, and you know what they say about the family that makes Bourbon together... Yeah, we’re not sure either. But they probably throw a hell of a holiday party.

The Hottest Restaurants in Nashville Right Now, May 2019

Tipsters, readers, and friends of Eater Nashville always want to know: Where should diners eat right this very minute? What are the newest and hottest restaurants? And while the Eater 38 is a crucial resource covering old standbys and neighborhood essentials across Nashville, it is not a chronicle of the city’s “it” places. Thus, the staff offers the Eater Heatmap, which changes regularly to highlight where the food-crazed crowds are flocking.

The 15 Most Essential Bars in Nashville

There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a cold brew at a Broadway honky-tonk. But when Nashville wants a great cocktail, there’s no shortage of bars ready to step up to the plate. Glittering rooftop lounges: check. Dimly-lit speakeasies: check. A double-wide trailer owned by a guy who looks like that jolly bearded guy up in the North Pole: that’s a resounding “check.” This map details the must-try bars around town, the ones with singular drinks and standout barkeeps who know their way around a bott

6 Miami Neighborhoods' Essential Coffee Shops

If coffee is one of your essential food groups, you’re in good company in Miami. And that’s more than just coffee talk—WalletHub recently listed Miami as one of the country’s top 10 coffee cities. Along with the traditional coffeehouses and roasters most people rely on to get their fix, Miami locals also turn to a very special caffeinated treat to get them through their day—Cuban coffee, or cafecito. This strong shot of espresso whipped with sugar has been known to electrify even the most seasoned caffeine connoisseurs. The thimble-sized shot is so beloved the City of Miami proclaimed 3:05 p.m. as Miami’s official cafecito break time back in 2013.

3 Restaurants to Try This Weekend in Nashville

Cheers to Friday, and to Nashville’s new bi-weekly weekend planner, where Eater Nashville’s editors and contributors recommend a few restaurants or bars to explore. The list incorporates a mix of newer restaurants, old standbys worth a revisit, and fun under-the-radar finds around town. Got a restaurant recommendation? Send a message with a brief description as to why Eater Nashville should check it out for inclusion in the next weekend planner. For those in favor of cognac-spiked cereal When

Warm Up for Nashville’s Oktoberfest at These Bavarian-Inspired Throwdowns

Dust off those steins — the Nashville Oktoberfest is getting ready to take over Germantown October 11–14. One of the biggest Oktoberfest celebrations in the country, this year’s celebration of all things Bavarian will span 10 city blocks and feature live German music, a pup parade, a dachshund derby, and a 5K run (presumably to make room for all the brats). Four days packed full of pretzels, sausages, and beer might require a bit of a warm up. Fortunately, there are are several events around tow

Where to Eat Italian Food in Nashville

They say that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. Italians know this. That’s why no one can seem to get enough of their heart-warming, soul-fulfilling plates of pasta goodness — keto diet and all. In fact, it’s safe to say that Italians have the market covered when it comes to a universally-beloved comfort food. Luckily, Nashville has several savory Italian standbys ready to fill that lasagna or carbonara craving. Here are 10 local options that showcase some of the best that Ita

6 Essential Brunch Spots in Franklin (and 2 in Thompson’s Station)

If conventional wisdom is to be believed, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But there’s a serious argument to be made about the utter necessity of an early afternoon meal that brings together the best of both breakfast and lunch. Yep, it’s none other than brunch—and here are eight spots just south of Nashville that are doing it right. Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

Frérot—Cognac XO by Flaviar

Frérot is the people’s Cognac, co-created by hundreds of Flaviar members whose voices guided us through a crowdtasting. It is a sublime and wonderfully complex Spirit blended from several batches of very old Eaux-de-vie originating from all 6 Cognac regions (Crus): an "Assemblage de Crus.” Produced in small batch by 6th generation Cognac makers, Frérot’s Eaux-de-vie were carefully put to rest in French oak barrels and in cold humid cellars for a minimum of 20 and up to 35 years.

Don't get Food Hall FOMO. Here are the Miami food halls that are open and what's still to come.

The question is: have we jumped the shark? With over half of them still in the works, it’s still too early to call. But with the opening of La Centrale on Feb. 16, we thought a rundown of what’s open—and on the horizon—might help you wade through these spoils of artisan food stalls. But first: what exactly is a food hall? Isn’t it basically what we’ve been a calling a food court at our local mall for decades? Turns out the answer is a hard “no.”

12 kid-friendly restaurants in Miami that your family will love

It’s Saturday night and your sitter bailed. Don’t fret: While your plans to hit up a South Beach club are effectively canceled, you can still find lots of things to do with kids in Miami that won’t make your weekend feel like a wash. In fact, there are probably more kid-friendly restaurants in Miami than you even knew existed. With more family-friendly dining than ever before, you can opt to get gussied up for a night of grilled seafood or go for a low-key lunch of foosball and burgers.

Here are the best wine bars in Miami. Related: it’s 5 o’ clock somewhere.

Before the craft beer and cocktail scene took over Miami, there were wine bars. Yes. Hard to imagine a time when bespoke drinks and handcrafted hops weren’t crawling all over your social media feed. But once upon a fickle time, wine ruled the 305. While many of these bastions of vino have long since gone to that vineyard in the sky, you can still find a few around the city. There are also a handful of new wine-preneurs interested in testing Miami’s palate.
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