Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

Writing and marketing have always been in my blood — I was figuring out ways to promote my budding lemonade stand and friendship bracelet company way back in 4th grade. Since those heady days, I've dabbled in PR, community relations, and graphic design before rediscovering my first love: writing.

I've spent the last 13 years working as a copywriter and lifestyle journalist covering the latest in food, drink, and travel for both local and national publications, including Lonely Planet, Observer, Time Out, Eater, The Infatuation, UrbanDaddy, and Nashville Lifestyles. As a copywriter, I've penned copy and led editorial teams for Whole Foods Market, Frost Science Museum, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Flaviar, Sendwave, Dialpad, and Trainual.

Currently, I head up content on Eater Nashville as the site's editor. 

The 15 Best Brunch Restaurants In Nashville 2024 - Nashville

With all due respect to breakfast, brunch is the most important meal of the day. Just ask your Sunday morning hangover, courtesy of that regrettable fifth bushwacker on Broadway. Whatever you’re craving, Nashville’s on it. Quiet contemplation over a mornay-soaked croque monsieur? Check. A bedazzled drag show with a side of katsu chicken and waffles? Check. A group situation in East Nashville with friends and a few bottles of pet-nat? We can do this all day.

Bolton's Famous Hot Chicken & Fish Review - East Nashville - Nashville

Bolton’s does one of the best hot chickens in the city. But what makes Bolton’s so famous? Part of it is their off-the-scoville-charts heat levels. Maybe it’s also that the hot fish dish somehow manages to run circles around the chicken. For us, it’s because this isn’t tourist hot chicken—it’s just a small shack in East Nashville doing what it does best, with little to no fanfare.

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack South Review - Nolensville Pike - Nashville

All great heroes have an epic origin story. So it only makes sense that Nashville hot chicken has one, too. Prince’s is at the heart of that tale, and the family that created the spicily seasoned bird still runs it today. And for hot chicken enthusiasts, that’s worth the visit alone. The OG spot just off Dickerson Pike did have a certain magic about it, but after it burned down years ago, there hasn’t been a location that’s been able to really recreate that environment. But the Nolensville Pike

Hattie B's Melrose Review - Melrose - Nashville

Does Hattie’s make the best hot chicken in Nashville? No. Is it where the locals go? Again, no. It is probably the most ubiquitous hot chicken spot in Nashville and one that’s become a national behemoth churning out consistent and relatively affordable plates of poultry. But the sides are the move here—things like potato salad, pimento cheese mac and cheese, cole slaw, and banana pudding are not only the perfect foil to the heat but are better than the hot chicken itself.

The Best Bars, Live Music Venues, & Broadway Honky-Tonks In Nashville - Nashville

When most people think of Nashville, they picture Broadway—downtown’s main street where raucous honky-tonks, peddle taverns, and tractor trailers reign supreme. Over 16 million people visit Nashville every year, and a lot of them come for the combo of big-city party energy and small-town Southern charm.

But to reduce Nashville to its “NashVegas” alter ego (and the bachelor/bachelorette party capital of the US) would do the city a grave disservice.

Digitizing Latinx and BIPOC brands to form an e-commerce community

As a first-generation, Dominican-American who was born and raised in Brooklyn, Jennifer Gomez understood the importance of Latinx-owned small businesses from an early age. “My mother worked six to seven days a week sometimes,” says Gomez. “And so there would be a bodega owner that, once I left school at 3 p.m., I’d have to check in with him. In my neighborhood, small businesses were like pit stops on my way back home.”

Crowdfunding platform gives donors visibility into climate crisis solutions

“In my talks, I sometimes say, it’s like we’re funding the musicians on the Titanic,” chuckles Karl Burkart, deputy director of One Earth. “A lot of people don’t know how to be philanthropists in climate. And that’s one of the things we’re really trying to help with, because we need to dramatically scale the amount of funding for climate philanthropy.”

This is the mission behind One Earth, a philanthropic organization working to push collective action to limit global average temperature rise to

Check Out this New Saké Bar in East Nashville

Before ordering a bottle of sake with your next dragon roll, check the label — is it “Proper?” If so, congratulations.

You’ve just sipped sake that’s been completely brewed and produced in Tennessee. And for that, you can thank Byron Stithem, founder and brewmaster at Proper Saké. He’s been churning out some of the South’s best sake from a location in Music City’s Pie Town neighborhood — one of about 24 sake breweries in the entire United States.

The Path to Pithivier

Chef Colin Shane’s path to the pithivier began with a love of charcuterie.

“When you get into the charcuterie world and start looking into it, [pâtés en croûte] are like the ultimate challenge,” says Shane. I was always chasing that down, and for years I worked in restaurants that didn't really fit with that cuisine.”

But after a conversation with his former co-worker, now Sean Brock’s culinary director, Joshua Lanning, Shane packed his bags and made his way to Nashville, where he became chef

How Clarice Phelps became the first Black woman to help discover a new element

At an age when most kids watched cartoons, young Clarice Phelps preferred “Beakman’s World”—a children’s series starring a zany scientist who answers viewers’ STEM-related questions. The show inspired her life ambitions and maybe some dubious home experiments.

“I loved trying to tinker with the VCR and mixing up random liquids in the kitchen. Dangerous, I know—it was a different time,” adds Phelps.

Experience the best of Florida’s northeastern coastline with these 5 beaches in St Augustine

One word that seems to be synonymous with Florida: beaches. And with good reason – the Sunshine State has no shortage of shorelines that tempt the imagination, and no two are exactly alike. With long stretches of sand, warm water temperatures, and perpetually sunny weather, visiting the state is a no-brainer for individuals and families looking for a few days of shelling, swimming, and sand castle construction.

Do I need a visa to visit the Dominican Republic?

With its crystalline waters, sugary white sand and year-round balmy temperatures, it’s easy to see why the Dominican Republic lures visitors from all over the world. Add a dash of captivating mountain scenery and a pinch of laid-back Caribbean culture, and you’ve got the makings of a top-tier tropical getaway.

Booking your flight is the easy part. Before you reach the sand, you’ll have to navigate some red tape to get into the country. Not everyone needs a visa, but they're easy to obtain if yo

3 Holiday Road Trip Destinations Just a Drive Away

Instead of waiting around for your holiday bonus/ jelly-of-the-month subscription to come through, ask yourself: what would Clark Griswold do? He’d take a road trip, of course.

Whether it’s riding the Polar Express to meet the man in red, sipping sumptuous teas with all the holiday trimmings, or ice skating at night under the glow of brightly colored lights, Nashville is less than a day’s drive from a list of destinations that put the “wonder” in winter wonderland.
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