Don’t Call Them Distillers... Yet. Meet Bender’s Whiskey.

"You know, Carl and I are very different in terms of our style sometimes, and so when we communicate, he loves to get things in emails and I'll just blow up his phone." That’s Christopher Cohen, co-founder of Bender’s Whiskey. And despite an obvious difference in communication styles, he and Carl Bender see eye-to-eye on what matters most: how to blend an epic tasting Whiskey. That’s the premise behind Bender’s.

New York’s Employees Only Lands in Miami with Psychics and Tableside Tartar

On a relatively unassuming Tuesday night in South Beach, the newly unveiled Washington Park Hotel hums with life. Its sprawling outdoor courtyard—which connects five Art Deco buildings built in 1943—fills the air with gurgling fountains, clinking glasses, and the occasional snippet of conversation. One building stands apart from the rest: the historic Coral House, where Employees Only Miami now permanently hangs its hat.
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What makes Chicago’s Koval Distillery so damn special?

Riddle us this: what do Fleetwood Mac and Bourbon have in common? Well, if you’re Chicago-based distiller KOVAL, it’s a kinship with “Go Your Own Way.” Because that’s exactly what Sonat and Robert Birnecker did when they opened Koval Distillery in 2008. These guys ventured to open the first distillery in Chicago since the mid-1800s, leaving their academic careers behind to take on the wild and uncharted territory of making liquor in the Midwest.

The Raw Deal: Chef Matthew Kenney on Going Vegan and the Future of Food

The first thing you’ll note about Matthew Kenney is the glow. It’s unmistakable—even from across a busy room. It’s the kind of glow that begs the statement, “I’ll have whatever he’s having.” And if one thing becomes abundantly clear, it’s this: You definitely want whatever Matthew Kenney is having. At 51 years old, the celebrity vegan chef has quite a bit on his proverbial plate.

In South Beach, a Rooftop Pop-Up Where Eating Invasive Species Is Sexy

“Let’s start with the crickets in brie and then move onto the carp ribs. I think that makes sense,” opined a woman at a table adjacent to the bar. “The crickets are kind of like the cracker in this case, right?” And so went the conversation on a balmy Friday night at Prey, the 1 Hotel’s new sustainable sushi rooftop pop-up. Conceived by James-Beard-nominated chef Bun Lai, Prey’s concept is simple: eco-eating.
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