The Best Miami Neighborhoods for Breaking a Sweat

Even if you’re not in the honeymoon period of your fitness-centric New Year’s resolution, it’s always a good time to check out the edgy fitness studios around Miami. Miami is one of the top 25 fittest cities in the U.S. according to the ACSM American Fitness Index; the city was also named the fittest city in the country by No matter your motivations for hitting the gym, you’re going to be in great company. This year, resolve to tie up your laces, grab a water bottle, and venture to these neighborhoods for a workout worthy of all your fitness goals.

Home Health Care vs. Home Care: What’s Right for You?

Caring for an aging parent or relative isn’t always easy physically or emotionally. But with the average U.S. life expectancy up to age 79 in 2013 — compared to 68 in 1950 — it’s increasingly becoming the new normal for families to be raising kids and taking care of elderly parents at the same time. The number of Americans aged 65 or older is projected to reach 98 million by 2060 — more than double today’s number.

A beginner’s guide to Miami botánicas

Well, hello there. And welcome to The Most Wonderful Time of Year™. No, wait! That’s the season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Because let’s face it, for every sparkling glass of bubbly you sip on this time of year, in Miami there’s a piping hot bowl of suck to chase it down. What we’re trying to say is: there’s a lot of #CacaEnergy (h/t the Chonga Girls) floating around Miami right about now. You know what we’re talking about. As does the cutthroat mom who stole that parking space from right

Train Like a Spartan and Spa Like a Lady Bamford at 1 Hotel South Beach

Sit-ups, sauna, smoothie—it’s a familiar routine for most gym aficionados. But at the new wellness wing located in the 1 Hotel South Beach, the routine has been tweaked just a hair. It now includes climbing a cargo net that’s hanging off the ceiling and having a Matthew Kenney-created bowl of raw delicacies meet up with you afterwards. Formerly known as the Gansevoort, the 1 Hotel received a $500 million renovation in March 2015 to fit the new parent company’s nature-inspired aesthetic. With it

Torch 1,000 Calories in Wynwood With This Former Miami Heat Dancer

First rule of Vixen: You do not talk about Vixen. Not when you can Instagram about it at a glam bar with selfie-optimal lighting. And at the new Vixen Studio in Miami, that’s only expected. The successful hip-hop dance fitness class founded by former Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones recently opened its first 3,000-square-foot permanent studio in Wynwood, not far from where the Vixen workout founder got her start. “I was a dancer. Then, I got into choreography and production, which led me to becom

E. Coli Can't Seem to Quit Chipotle. And We Just Can't Deal.

Another day, another Chipotle E. coli outbreak. That's what it feels like, anyway. Because on Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that it would be looking into five new cases of the food-borne illness, linked to — you guessed it — Chipotle. What's E. coli? Well, there are a bunch of different strains, but all lead pretty much down the same path. And if you're eating lunch right now, maybe put your sandwich down for a sec. Done? Good.

Turns Out, There’s a Myers Briggs Test for Your Skin

The word “office” is a misnomer when referring to Dr. Leslie Baumann’s Miami-based headquarters. It’s a minimalist’s fevered dream—palatial, fashionably austere, grand in scope. Toto, we definitely aren’t in your typical medical office, much less Kansas, anymore. Walking past the gurgling fountain and shady palms holding court in the building’s lobby, it’s easy to fancy yourself embarking on a day-long retreat at a posh beachside spa.

Why Spas Are Embracing Salt Therapy

Move over deep tissue—the Ama-releasing abyhanga is coming for you. Spas around the country are bringing a wide-range of new alternative therapies into the fold—including Ayurvedic rituals and the curative powers of salty air. No longer relegated to lengthy trips to the coast or out of the country, these age-old practices are being used to supplement existing muscle-releasing treatments (you’re safe for now, deep tissue) and breathe new life into their current repertoire.

Wearing Your Chakra on Your Sleeve

Can channeling the energy of a chakra be as simple as throwing on a tee shirt? “Mindfulness should be accessible to the majority,” says Myk Likhov, one of the brains behind Modern ŌM—a Miami and Asheville-based start up turning chakras into fashion staples people can integrate into their daily grind. The idea behind chakras—the seven points of energy (or spiritual power) aligning the spine—is as old as Hinduism itself, with early mentions in the Vedas dating back to over 3,000 years ago.

Would You Rock This Smartphone Ring?

You used to call me on my cell phone . . . until I found this smartphone ring, and all I had to do was peep my finger and say: "Let me send them to voicemail right about now." Oh, wait. You thought we were kidding. Nope, that's totally possible. Because today, Neyya came blinging out of the gates. Who's Neyya? Well — it's actually more of a what. It's a funky new ring that uses Bluetooth to connect you to your iPhone and desktop (and GoPros, for those adventuring loquitas out there), allowing y

8 Style Staples for This Crazy El Niño Weather

Dear El Niño, You are seriously the Debbie Downer at our winter fashion party. Please leave. Kthxbye. Besotes, Us. Okay — so El Niño didn’t leave a forwarding address. Ugh. Looks like we’re going to have to face this insane roller coaster–like weather head on. waiting to bust out their puffy jackets, one thing is for sure: Nothing is certain. That's especially true when it comes to what to wear this season. Pero
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