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The 15 Best Brunch Restaurants In Nashville 2023 - Nashville

Looking to lose yourself in a stack of carrot cake french toast or sip mimosas at a drag show? Head to one of these Nashville restaurants for brunch.

With all due respect to breakfast, brunch is the most important meal of the day. Just ask your Sunday morning hangover, courtesy of that regrettable fifth bushwacker on Broadway. Whatever you’re craving, Nashville’s on it. Quiet contemplation over a mornay-soaked croque monsieur? Check.

The Best Bars, Live Music Venues, & Broadway Honky-Tonks In Nashville - Nashville

When most people think of Nashville, they picture Broadway—downtown’s main street where raucous honky-tonks, peddle taverns, and tractor trailers reign supreme. Over 16 million people visit Nashville every year, and a lot of them come for the combo of big-city party energy and small-town Southern charm.

But to reduce Nashville to its “NashVegas” alter ego (and the bachelor/bachelorette party capital of the US) would do the city a grave disservice.

Check Out this New Saké Bar in East Nashville

Before ordering a bottle of sake with your next dragon roll, check the label — is it “Proper?” If so, congratulations.

You’ve just sipped sake that’s been completely brewed and produced in Tennessee. And for that, you can thank Byron Stithem, founder and brewmaster at Proper Saké. He’s been churning out some of the South’s best sake from a location in Music City’s Pie Town neighborhood — one of about 24 sake breweries in the entire United States.

The Path to Pithivier

Chef Colin Shane’s path to the pithivier began with a love of charcuterie.

“When you get into the charcuterie world and start looking into it, [pâtés en croûte] are like the ultimate challenge,” says Shane. I was always chasing that down, and for years I worked in restaurants that didn't really fit with that cuisine.”

But after a conversation with his former co-worker, now Sean Brock’s culinary director, Joshua Lanning, Shane packed his bags and made his way to Nashville, where he became chef

3 Holiday Road Trip Destinations Just a Drive Away

Instead of waiting around for your holiday bonus/ jelly-of-the-month subscription to come through, ask yourself: what would Clark Griswold do? He’d take a road trip, of course.

Whether it’s riding the Polar Express to meet the man in red, sipping sumptuous teas with all the holiday trimmings, or ice skating at night under the glow of brightly colored lights, Nashville is less than a day’s drive from a list of destinations that put the “wonder” in winter wonderland.

Make-Your-Own Winter Cocktails At Home

Summer lends itself to simpler, uncomplicated sips—light beers, sparkling seltzers, icy glasses of vodka or rum with a splash of juice. It’s just too hot to get exceptionally fussy with what’s inside your glass.

But winter? That’s when cocktails really hit their stride. Maybe it’s because most of us are cooped up inside trying to avoid the cold. But one thing’s certain: the resulting inspiration (boredom?) makes for some pretty creative concoctions behind the bar.

Tomacco is Now Open in Germantown

The humble taco is nationally beloved, running neck-and-neck with that perennial American classic, the burger.

But tacos can claim something the burger has yet to achieve: it’s one of the few dishes honored with a regular guest spot on your weekday calendar (#TacoTuesday, anyone?). In fact, it’s become a cultural touchstone of sorts, with different areas in the U.S. putting their local spin on the Mexican staple, reflecting the tastes, bounty, and people of that particular region.


5 New Whiskeys to Sip This Fall

Fall and whiskey go together like tailgates and barbecue.

That slight nip in the air begs for a rich, belly-warming tipple, and Tennessee offers no shortage of whiskeys to hunker down with. And sure, you could go with your tried-and-true favorites, but in the spirit of the season, a little bit of change just might do you—and your home bar—some good. With that, we’ve rounded up a list of five new whiskeys to hit the Nashville market this year.

6 Nashville Gelato Spots to Try Before Saying ‘So Long’ to Summer

With August well underway, it’s time to prep for summer’s unofficial swan song. That means cramming the remainder of the season with all the pool days, lake adventures, and grill-outs the calendar can possibly handle. The perfect accompaniment for those sweltering outdoor days? Gelato — ice cream’s smoother and creamier Italian cousin. Traditionally, gelato is made using more milk and less cream and eggs than its American counterpart, making it silkier and softer than ice cream.

The Best Restaurants And Hotels In Nashville - Nashville

Quick: name the first three things you think of when you hear “Nashville.” Country music, sure. Bachelorette parties, yes. But if your food-centric guesses start and end with hot chicken, well… we’ve got some work to do. This isn’t to say that you won’t find any hot chicken on this guide. Of course, you will. But you’ll also see Indian street food, prime rib carts, and superb pasta inside a hotel.

Walker Brothers Kombucha

Temps are hovering near the 90s. Humidity is nearing soup-like percentages. And yet, there’s nothing quite like the technicolor vividness of a Tennessee summer... as long as you have some trusty tools to help keep your cool.

Enter: Walker Brothers. Helmed by co-founding team members Luke Walker, Sam Walker and Caroline Howard, the Nashville-based operation has been thoughtfully brewing non-alcoholic and high-gravity kombucha since 2018.

RH Nashville Launches a New Wine Program

Peruse any roundup of top brunch spots in the city and you can bet your bottom silver dollar pancakes that RH Nashville is somewhere on that list.

In a city with no shortage of ace brunch menus, it’s especially notable that a home furnishings retailer ranks high on that list. But for those who’ve chalked up the 70,000-square-foot Green Hills home-and-hospitality experience as a one-trick brunch pony, RH Nashville’s new mantra might just be: Hold my wine.
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