As I Am - April Bowers Creative

“As I Am” is a celebration of the authentic human experience. It’s a visual ode to our skin, our curves, our scars, our abilities — because they tell a story. Your story.

And your story is worth telling.

For decades, advertising and society have forced us to tell only one version of this story. The impossibly flawless ideal. Someone whose authenticity has been wiped away by filters, airbrushing, and photo editing. Throughout time, that ideal has changed — from the voluptuous siren of the 50s to the gamine waif of the 90s — but the pressure to reach the unattainable has remained the same.

Frérot—Cognac XO by Flaviar

Frérot is the people’s Cognac, co-created by hundreds of Flaviar members whose voices guided us through a crowdtasting. It is a sublime and wonderfully complex Spirit blended from several batches of very old Eaux-de-vie originating from all 6 Cognac regions (Crus): an "Assemblage de Crus.”

Produced in small batch by 6th generation Cognac makers, Frérot’s Eaux-de-vie were carefully put to rest in French oak barrels and in cold humid cellars for a minimum of 20 and up to 35 years.

Frost Science Grand Opening Guide

They say good things come to those who wait. And Miami, your time has come. The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is now open in Downtown’s Museum Park, a place where together we’ll help shape the future of science and technology in the Magic City. What awaits you within our museum is a magnificent encounter with the fascinating intricacies of science. From the dazzling cosmos to the depths of the Gulf Stream, you’re sure to encounter something that sparks your curiosity and inspires you to investigate the astounding science behind our
world and the universe beyond.

Whiskey Blending with WhistlePig - Members Exclusive Event

Erase any childhood notions of Old MacDonald from your head right now. Because that's not what Raj Peter Bhakta had in mind when he purchased a 150-year-old dairy farm in 2007.

No, the founder and chief steward of WhistlePig was thinking how he might go about making the best farm-to-bottle Rye Whiskey out there.

Fast forward a few years, and WhistlePig is making some damn fine Rye Whiskey using barrels made from oak trees grown on their farm. They've even developed a custom char for th

The Wonderful World of Whiskey

Listen, this is kind of a big deal. In co-operation with the trailblazing team at Koval we're inviting you to get properly schooled on Whiskey!

In a hands-on 2-hour workshop on American Whiskey, organized exclusively for Flaviar Members, you’ll learn how Whiskey is made, what makes it taste certain way, and take a dive into Whiskey history.

The lesson will be followed by guided Whiskey Tasting of over 15 craft Whiskeys from around the country - you’ll practice judging the quality of Wh

Cruise to the Land of Tequila Ice Cream

From swimming with whale sharks and a whiskered sea lion or three to cooling down with locally made tequila (!) ice cream, there are no shortage of ways to experience La Paz. We’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite things to do when visiting this tranquil beachside town.

With more people cruising from faraway locations, you may need a flight and a night or two in a hotel--you'll need some reliable luggage to keep your things in place before and after your cruise.