How to spend a perfect weekend in Miami

With its close proximity to the Caribbean, Miami (distinct from nearby Miami Beach) stands at the crux of two separate worlds. The city – the sixth most densely populated in the U.S. – marries the frenetic energy of a thriving global metropolis with the languid pace of sun-soaked island life. A weekend in Miami means dipping into both worlds in a sometimes bewildering, but always irresistibly alluring way. After all, it’s called the 'Magic City' for a reason.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Coconut Grove

Whether it’s playing a game of Frisbee with their pups at a bayfront park or taking part in one of the neighborhood’s wacky-but-endearing street festivals, Coconut Grove residents don’t just like living in their neighborhood—they’re downright fanatical about it. You’ll find this lush community nestled against the waters of Biscayne Bay, between the stately Mediterranean mansions of Coral Gables and the glittering hi-rises of Brickell. Coconut Grove also offers its residents direct access to U.S. 1—one of the city’s main traffic arteries.

Meet Miami's Upper East Side Neighborhood

Situated east of Biscayne Boulevard, between Edgewater, Miami Shores, and Little Haiti, lies the charmingly retro Upper East Side. Also known as the MiMo District, the area is home to one of the largest collections of Miami Modern architecture in the city—a unique building style developed in the post-World War II period. The Upper East Side is made up of smaller neighborhoods-within-a-neighborhood connected through a shared love for its one-of-a-kind midcentury style, central waterfront location, and quirky creative spirit.

25 Fun Things to Do in St. Petersburg With Kids

While east coast cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale give Florida a dose of international cool, the west coast of the state has plenty of hip sights and sounds that are worthy of a family getaway. St. Petersburg, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, is one of those spots, with sun-drenched beaches and a charmingly quirky/artsy vibe all its own. Looking for a rundown of family-friendly spots in St. Pete & nearby Clearwater? Check out our 25 favorites.

Miami vs Miami Beach: a local’s take on two cities

In much of the world’s eyes, Miami and Miami Beach are one and the same, often used interchangeably in conversation. It’s a sentiment that was reinforced by LeBron James back in 2010, when he told the world he was ‘taking (his) talents to South Beach.’ After uttering that infamous line, Miami residents collectively rolled their eyes. The NBA superstar had just signed a contract with the Miami Heat – not the Miami Beach Heat.

Little Havana’s Tower Hotel transforms into a giant stage for a new theater series

You can study the rapidly changing skyline for clues of Miami’s evolution, but what do the interior of the buildings themselves reveal about a city? That’s the focus of Miami Motel Stories, a real-time immersive theater experience taking place inside hotels and motels in developing neighborhoods. The three-part series launches on October 27 at Little Havana’s Tower Hotel (1450 SW 7th St), former stomping grounds of Billie Holiday and other jazz legends.

4 Reasons You Should Think Twice About Moving to Miami

Living in Miami can be fantastic. After all, you get to spend your waking hours enjoying a city most people pay top dollar to vacation in. Crashing ocean waves and salty breezes at your fingertips? Check. Croquetas? You better believe that’s a “check.” It’s a bustling international city with world-class museums, five star restaurants, a vibrant nightlife scene and a decidedly tropical island vibe. What’s not to love? Turns out, the Magic City isn’t magical for everyone who moves here.

10 Cool Ways to Survive Summer in Miami

Summer is Miami’s low season for a reason. The potent mix of heat and humidity here is enough to take down a well-seasoned local, not to mention the garden variety tourist. And sure, we’ve got a little something called the Atlantic Ocean to help us stay cool, but coming home with sand uncomfortably entrenched in every bodily crevice starts to get old quick. Plus, trying to clean it out of your car afterwards is definitely not recommended for beating the summer heat. What’s a local to do? Well,

This Island Hideaway in the Keys Is Giving You 12 Hours in Cuba

For years, Cuba has remained largely out of reach to U.S. travelers. Located just 90 nautical miles from the southernmost point in the United States, the island nation sits less than an hour’s flight away from Key West—its sights, sounds, scents and tastes dangling temptingly out of reach. Last month, Sunset Key Cottages launched “Cuba, Curated,” a 12-hour day trip exploring the country’s culture through private tours with local experts.

This Is Where to Drink With Mermaids in Florida

Sharing its name with the legendary baseball slugger of yore, Fort Lauderdale’s Yankee Clipper has seen a few things in its time. Built in 1956 as one of the few beachfront hotels in the city, it welcomed a luminous Marilyn Monroe, who enjoyed some R&R and the company of a Yankees’ special instructor: the great Joe DiMaggio. In its mid-century heyday, the hotel served as a home base for many Yankees greats, who trained—and partied—in the city. But today, the historic resort has a new lease on life.

Everything You Need to Know About the New 20-Acre Paradise in Key West

There’s a transformative quality about the drive from Miami to Key West. In between these two cities—each known for distinctly different styles of sun-soaked revelry—lies a drive that lulls even the most anxious soul into a placid state of serenity. Truth be told, it’d be a shame to lose that rare moment of ocean-induced zen. That’s the allure of Oceans Edge Key West, a 20-acre property from the family-run Singh Resorts that opened its doors to the public in January 2017.

The Miami Neighborhoods We Love

When it comes to Miami, South Beach and Wynwood get the lion’s share of the world’s love and affection. And though both have rightly earned their time in the spotlight, a new class of neighborhood is stepping up to give them a run for their money. Case in point: These five on-the-verge areas are making waves with an influx of compelling art, creative wares, great restaurants and lip-smacking cocktails. Admittedly, Miami neighborhoods can be a bit tough to define, but make no mistake, these districts are distinctive, diverse and deserving of your attention.
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