Experience the best of Florida’s northeastern coastline with these 5 beaches in St Augustine

One word that seems to be synonymous with Florida: beaches. And with good reason – the Sunshine State has no shortage of shorelines that tempt the imagination, and no two are exactly alike. With long stretches of sand, warm water temperatures, and perpetually sunny weather, visiting the state is a no-brainer for individuals and families looking for a few days of shelling, swimming, and sand castle construction.

Do I need a visa to visit the Dominican Republic?

With its crystalline waters, sugary white sand and year-round balmy temperatures, it’s easy to see why the Dominican Republic lures visitors from all over the world. Add a dash of captivating mountain scenery and a pinch of laid-back Caribbean culture, and you’ve got the makings of a top-tier tropical getaway.

Booking your flight is the easy part. Before you reach the sand, you’ll have to navigate some red tape to get into the country. Not everyone needs a visa, but they're easy to obtain if yo

3 Holiday Road Trip Destinations Just a Drive Away

Instead of waiting around for your holiday bonus/ jelly-of-the-month subscription to come through, ask yourself: what would Clark Griswold do? He’d take a road trip, of course.

Whether it’s riding the Polar Express to meet the man in red, sipping sumptuous teas with all the holiday trimmings, or ice skating at night under the glow of brightly colored lights, Nashville is less than a day’s drive from a list of destinations that put the “wonder” in winter wonderland.

First-timer’s guide to Miami during Super Bowl LIV

Heading to Miami for Super Bowl LIV? Relax – you’re in exceptionally good hands. This will be the eleventh time the Magic City has hosted the big game, more than any other municipality in the US. They’ve learned what works, what doesn’t and how to throw a heck of a party.

More good news: game viewing conditions should be downright delightful. February is one of the best times to visit Miami, as temperatures hover around a balmy 75°F (24°C) with very little chance of rain.

The 8 best day trips from Nashville

After you’ve exhausted the honky-tonks and legendary hot chicken scene, a day trip from Nashville is definitely in order. Luckily, the surrounding cities and towns are up to the task, full of natural and historical wonders that are ripe for a quick adventure. Whether you find yourself sampling some Tennessee whiskey from a powerhouse distillery or exploring the mysterious depths of an underground sea, here are eight of our favorite day-trip destinations.

Top 20 free things to do in Nashville

Like its infamous hot chicken, Nashville knows how to bring the heat. Even with its ambitious big-city plans, Music City retains the charm and gentility of a small Southern town. Despite its growing popularity, exploring Nashville doesn’t have to break the bank. From the wild honky tonks on Broadway to the scenic hiking trails along Radnor Lake, here's our top free things to do in Nashville.

Nestled within an unassuming strip mall, the legendary Bluebird Cafe has hosted performances from trailb

How to spend a perfect weekend in Miami

With its close proximity to the Caribbean, Miami (distinct from nearby Miami Beach) stands at the crux of two separate worlds. The city – the sixth most densely populated in the U.S. – marries the frenetic energy of a thriving global metropolis with the languid pace of sun-soaked island life. A weekend in Miami means dipping into both worlds in a sometimes bewildering, but always irresistibly alluring way. After all, it’s called the 'Magic City' for a reason.
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